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Information Builders

There are three main parts to Information Builders BI Solution

  1. WebFocus
  2. FOCUS
  3. iWay



Information Builders WebFocus provides a comprehensive BI solution that favors those looking for a more pervasive BI outcome. In particular, Information Builders provides solutions that focus on:

  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Operational Business Intelligence
  • Performance Management

Business Activity Monitoring

BAM applies operational business intelligence and application integration technologies to automated processes to provide continuous feedback on the performance of key operational events. Using event driven alerts from business process management systems, processes can be either automatically or manually adjusted. BAM also works in an auditing environment to meet the most stringent compliance and transparency requirements. The ultimate goal is to achieve a complete self-correcting system. Data from BAM data points can be integrated into executive dashboards to assist in strategic planning and execution.

Information Builders-based BAM solutions can audit any business process in real time, from any information source - ERP systems, data warehouses, B2B systems and more.

Operational Business Intelligence

Operational Business intelligence [OBI] extends the capability of BI analytics into front line operations. This allows individuals to have more visibility and control over their daily activities and receive invaluable feedback as to how their performance is contributing to the overall success of the department, and the organization as a whole.

OBI supports employee faster decisions and actions, ensuring that small problems never grow into big problems. It moves business from being reactive to proactive and integrates over three levels of the enterprise: strategic, analytical, and operational. This fosters greater accountability and self responsibility. Corrective action can also be embedded into business processes.

OBI requires efficient, powerful integration technology to access and connect data, supporting scalable growth and multiple levels of responsiblity.

Performance Management

Performance management solutions that support open, collaborative communication and action is the only way to ensure everyone in the organization understands the strategic goals of the business, and their contribution to achieving them.

InformationBuilders provide flexible, modular PM frameworks that can be tailored to any organization. CPM systems break down information barriers to foster a culture of accountability and ensures that activities are not siloed into departmental objectives without direct links to corporate strategy.

This requires a shared, consistent and accurate view of data and integration into CPM methodogies, such as Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma and TQM.

Information Builders supports multiple performance management methodologies, ensuring the right problems are solved at the right levels, by the right people.

Such solutions put ACTION into BI

WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework provides highly personalized end user dashboards, metric blogging, print-quality publishing, mobile alerts, deep analytics, strategy authoring, and easy-to-use set up wizards

Information Builders' WebFOCUS is the one solution that meets all three of these corporate requirements.

The WebFOCUS operational business intelligence platform includes:

  • Self-optimizing autonomic servers
  • Super-linear scalability
  • A unifying integration infrastructure
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Simplified developer and end-user interaction


FOCUS Host-Based Reporting

FOCUS supports mission-critical decision support applications using custom application development, reporting, and analysis that is currently used by more than a million users working on virtually every computer platform.

The hosted solution provides the latest in GUI front-end tools to provide maximum functionality for non-technical business managers, as well as business analyst/power users and professional developers.

FOCUS can create reports from more than 35 operating systems, across every major industry.

A key feature is its open upward-migration path that ensures that the investment in FOCUS is never obsolete.


iWay Software

iWay provide a range of Universal Connectivity and Practical Integration solutions to integrate BI into your current transactional and operational systems.


Business Knowledgebank

Information Builders provide a vast number of excellent whitepapers that provide easy reading for non-technical managers and business users.

For more on Information Builders

For more on iWay Software

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