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"5 Secrets Every Business Needs to Know About BI"


If you are in business today, you understand the term "Do More with Less". It means:

  • Less budget
  • Less staff
  • Less time to build new products
  • Less time to make a sale

The only thing it gives you more of is stress!

Fortunately, business intelligence [BI] has come to the rescue by enabling us to get more valuable information from the data we once just viewed as transaction history records.

The trouble is, most see BI as just a technology - some tools that make our reporting more accessible, more frequent, and just a whole lot prettier to look at. When it comes to data, IT view data from their perspective, and the business needs it from another perspective. IT and the business just don't seem to talk the same language. They use the same words - but the real needs of the business get lost in translation.

BI is more about improving the way we make decisions - decisions that are no longer based on key assumptions we have used for years that just may no longer be valid. It's about understanding where decisions need to be made and ensuring that the right information is there in the right format to help the decision get made faster and deliver a better results. My previous book, Leading With SPI, covers this in detail, and provides you with the business framework to help you vastly improve your strategic execution.

Following on from Leading with SPI, we need to dig a little deeper into how BI is best introduced to the business, how to launch a BI Program and how to select the best solutions for your specific business needs.

Implementing BI had rather disastrous beginnings, but over 3-4 years, the real secrets of how to be successful with BI started to emerge. Having studied hundreds of different BI projects, and combining 10 years of implementing BI related programs, I have consolidated the best of the best into the BI Strategy Guide.

The secret to getting real value from BI is having a sound BI Strategy. This provides the answers to questions such as:

  • How to start a BI Program
  • Who should own BI and make decisions regarding BI investment
  • How to identify the opportunities in the business that will return the highest ROI
  • How to approach building a BI Roadmap
  • What needs to be included in a BI Strategy Document
  • How to keep BI Projects on track to deliver whats needed most
  • The best way for IT and the business to communicate
  • What BI tools really make the most difference to sales performanc

If you are ready to tear down barriers between IT and the business, get rid of outdated IT Project methodologies that just don't work for BI and unleash the power of the most performance enhancing tools a business has seen in years, then the BI Strategy Guide is for you.

Here's what you get:

  • Create a BI Program framework that will unleash the power of BI in a way that continues to multiply with every iteration
  • Open dialogue about BI in a way that will get the right people excited to back you all the way to the budget approval
  • Turn non-believers into super achievers by showing them how BI can not only benefit their department, but themselves personally
  • Discover the fundamental rule of ownership in BI that will drive significant improvement in any BI Program
  • Keep track of all BI initiatives using a single, simple toolset
  • Build a BI Roadmap that will deliver continuous BI value every single project
  • Find the best way to get the business on board with using Business Intelligence
  • Break the deadlock between IT and the business by using key secrets that get both sides communicating to a single outcome that benefits both parties
  • Tear down barriers between different business units to reveal the core processes that deliver most to meeting your strategic goals
  • Drop outdated Business Case Models as we show you how to better demonstrate the deliverable value of BI
  • Spread the benefits of BI using this online tool that will get the BI Buzz humming throughout your organization
  • Uncover the reasons why 48% of BI projects fail to achieve expected value
  • Unleash the power of BI to ramp up your profits in ways you never thought possible in this economic climate

Just think about where your BI program will go if you don't learn these secrets now......

  • Struggling day to day to compete with other IT projects
  • Work too hard just to get a few supporters willing to change the way they work now
  • Not getting the promised value from your BI tools
  • Watching other businesses get the sales

More and more hours at the office!

To Start Improving Your Business with BI Now!


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BI Strategy Guide

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