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Event Based Marketing - Bank Case Study


Event Based Marketing [EBM] uses software-based rules and triggers that detect, analyze and interpret customer events, transactions and interactions. This enables companies to provide timely and personalized attention to customers who may be in decision mode with regard to a product or service.


Bank Leumi, ranked one of Israel's top five companies in 2006 in trade volume, according to a new Business Data Israel report.

Business Issue

"Communicating to millions of individual customers through a variety of channels is complex and challenging," said Itzhak Malach, First Executive, head of operations, information systems and administration at Bank Leumi.

Business Requirement

To create relevant dialogues with customers across channels and serve them wherever they are.


Solution - Teradata EBM

The bank first installed its Teradata Warehouse in 2004, building on to it with Teradata Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

Teradata's event-based solution library contains more than 1,000 defined customer events that are data warehouse-driven and used across industries around the world.

"In terms of performance and speed of data analytics, Teradata has no competition," said one of the original customer-users of Teradata's EBM solution, Fernando Ricardo, now program director of Program REACH at Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia.


Business Benefits

Using Teradata data warehouse-driven CRM tools the bank is now able to create relevant dialogues with customers across channels and serve them wherever they are.

This has resulted in a constant improvement in customer management program performance.

"Companies across industries and the globe continue to adopt Teradata CRM for event-based marketing because we have a decade of experience, proven methodologies and leading technology," said Sam Gragg, vice president of Teradata Customer Management Solutions Marketing. "Over time, we have worked with our customers to identify more than 1,000 potential events across many industries, ranging from the simple to the highly complex."

EBM was built into Teradata CRM in 2003. "EBM is designed to focus on individual customer behaviors," Customers initiate a relevant communication based on something significant that they do, rather than being targets for a particular product or service. This was the beginning of true customer-driven marketing.

Expected Return on Investment

In July 2006 Chinatrust Commercial Bank reported NT$479 million in new business on their Teradata EBM solution, repaying the cost of the first 10 campaigns and generating an average return on investment [ROI] of 168 percent.

For example:

  • Chinatrust campaign targeting former customers resulted in a 52%t renewal rate.
  • Customers' loan needs campaign achieved a 32% success rate,
  • Customer retention campaign produced a 24%success rate, and an ROI of 220%

Other Customers include British Airways, Continental Airlines, DnBNor [Bank of Norway],, Verizon Wireless, Westpac Bank, and a number of premiere gaming and casino businesses. Online retailer also uses Teradata event-based triggers in user-based events from their web page, which automatically generate targeted e-mail marketing campaigns.

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