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Active Data Warehousing - Vodafone Australia


Vodafone Taps Into Customers With Teradata Active Data Warehousing; Completes a Major Upgrade of its Data Warehouse Environment.

Business - Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Australia provides communications services to nearly 3 million Australian customers.

Business Issue

Law enforcement requirement for the storage and retrieval of call detail records [CDRs] is adding significant volume and query load to the enterprise data warehouse. CDRs must be accessible to the police and other law enforcement agencies to help track criminal activity.

Business Requirement

Need for expanded data warehouse infrastructure, sufficient to support near real-time reporting and the reuse of CDRs across the enterprise.



The best solution for Vodafone's business needs was a total replacement the current Teradata system with the latest technology and higher-performing systems. This included:

  • A complete, 20 terabyte technology refresh and expansion of its Teradata Warehouse environment. This included: hardware, software and professional services.
  • Teradata Communications Logical Data Model
  • Upgrade to Vodafone's backup and recovery capability - to support the new environment and business applications.

The new system enables effective on-time business reporting with substantial customer relationship management benefits and low maintenance costs.


Business Benefits

The solution more than doubled the Vodafone data warehouse, delivering twice the power and twice the capability while reducing total cost of ownership.

The reuse of CDRs across the enterprise:

  1. Removes data duplication
  2. Provides greater insights into customer behavior to make near real-time business decisions
  3. Optimizes the network
  4. Supports billing migration
  5. Supports customer self-service initiatives

"The new Teradata data warehouse enables us to store more CDRs and handle more complex data types, while at the same time evolving a tape-based application to a nine to five data centre environment," said Neil Fraser, Vodafone's newly appointed business services manager, Technology Solutions. "The result is a more powerful business tool that provides Vodafone with greater insight to customer behaviour and the ability to facilitate real-time decisions".

"We are now strategically reusing data in the business to better optimize revenue generation and at the same time more effectively extending customer loyalty. In addition, we have a system that can better service the police and enforcement agencies," said Fraser. "Teradata and Vodafone are together ready to explore smart and clever ways of delivering customer insights to the business through multiple channels to maximize the customer experience."


More on Vodafone Technology

Vodafone has outsourced its non-core technology operations to five partners, including HP and IBM. However, the Teradata systems are one of two technology assets that remain with Vodafone Australia, in recognition that the business information within its data warehouse was core to the business and represented significant strategic and tactical business advantage.

Vodafone Australia was the first Vodafone Group company to become a Teradata customer. Today, more than half of Vodafone's worldwide customers data is available on Teradata solutions, making Teradata a clear global standard for data warehousing for Vodafone.


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