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HP Neoview

HP's Neoview product was launched in April 2007. It combines HP hardware with a NonStop-inspired massively parallel database. This provides the market with an enterprise data integration/DW platform with appliance-like characteristics.

The next-generation data warehouse platform and new business intelligence (BI) services aim to improve business access to data to" make more informed decisions, help customers reduce cost and risk, and accelerate growth".

HP Neoview data warehouse platform and services are core to HP's Business Information Optimization portfolio.

The integrated hardware, software and services platform, acts as a business outcomes engine, providing customers a comprehensive view of essential business information, such as:

  • Metrics on product sales
  • Customer trends
  • Production and operational effectiveness


HP Neoview Features and Benefits

  1. Faster time to benefit - Neoview is configured and tested before delivery for faster integration into existing environments. It also supports fast load of terabytes of data.
  2. Better overall value - use of industry-standard components, including HP Integrity and ProLiant servers as well as HP StorageWorks storage offerings
  3. Signifcant performance improvement - handling complex queries, mixed workloads and high concurrency
  4. 24x7 availability and risk mitigation with no offline windows required
  5. Scalability to hundreds of terabytes, making it an ideal platform for data mart consolidation
  6. Reduced administrative time and costs through HP remote management and monitoring capabilities.


Business Uses For HP Neoview

Examples of how Neoview delivers value for customers in diverse markets, include:

  • Consolidate data warehouses from departmental silos
  • Improving customer satisfaction and merchandise performance -Bon-Ton Store “So far, Neoview has exceeded our expectations – helping us to first summarize and transform large amounts of data, and then leverage those insights to ultimately make merchandising and marketing efforts much more effective.”
  • IT Transformation Programs - Bank of Baroda, India’s leading international bank
  • Strategic Data Access - Healthcare - “In the ever-changing health care industry, we needed to leverage our data strategically in order to operate more efficiently, effectively and competitively as a managed care organization,” said Darren Taylor, vice president, Information Access Division, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.


NeoView Supports Operational BI

HP Neoview is designed for a 24x7 environment where decision making is seamlessly integrated into business operations at multiple levels and across numerous users within the organization.

According to IDC, HP is ranked #1 in BI server deployments worldwide.


Supports HP BI Services

HP also unveiled a foundational set of business intelligence services, enhanced by HP’s acquisition last year of Knightsbridge Solutions, a U.S.-based consultancy of 700 professionals exclusively focused on BI solutions.

HP BI approach is to integrate its innovative products and services with robust partner relationships to deliver BI capabilities and functionality to a broader set of users across the enterprise.

HP Neoview provides a cost-effective business intelligence platform, built on industry-standard components, with easy implementation into existing IT environments. There is no need for costly workforce retraining and software relicensing fees. The platform offers robust performance, continuous availability and massive scalability.

HP’s partner network ensures optimized solutions

HP is building on its strong relationships with the major business intelligence software vendors to enhance the capabilities of the HP Neoview platform. Partners already engaged include:


DW and BI Innovation

In January 2007, HP formed a business unit within HP Software to focus exclusively on business intelligence. The HP Business Intelligence Group is part of a larger company effort to aggregate HP’s capabilities across infrastructure, software and services and complements HP Services’ investments in business intelligence with the Knightsbridge acquisition.

HP is not noted as a systems integration provider in BI/DW, while its peer competitors have deliberate services strategies in this area. However, HP does deliver solution strategies that use other vendor products [such as HP's Darwin Reference Architecture].

More information about:

HP Neoview

HP Business Intelligence Group

HP Business Intelligence Services

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