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Telco Cross Sell and Up Sell

The telecommunications experiences high annual churn rates, making customer retention a key marketing activity. It is also essential that the Telco maximize the value of current customers, through effective cross-selling and up-selling.

Most Communication Service Providers [CSP's] struggle to attain effective cross-selling. A key reason for this is the lack of integrated customer data in an environment tht can be analysed efficiently to identify good candidates for cross-sell and up-sell offers.

In most Telcos, customer data is scattered throughout the enterprise, making it impossible to get a clear view of customer preferences and customer behavior. Without a complete view of customers, and an effective way to profile them, marketing strategies for cross-selling and up-selling are unlikely to provide a positive return on investment.

A Telco Cross Sell and Up Sell system provides CSP's with pre-built models and processes to help:

  • Increase revenue
  • Recover acquisition costs
  • Rapidly predict the next appropriate offer for individual customers.

The system is used to profile customers who have purchased numerous products or upgrades. By modeling the sales pattern, similar analytics can be assigned to other customers to determine similar candidates for cross-selling and up-selling.



A Telco Cross Sell - Up Sell solution typically includes:

  1. Billed call behavior analysis and reporting
  2. Unbilled call behavior analysis and reporting
  3. A market basket analysis predictive model
  4. Customer loyalty program analysis and reporting
  5. Channel effectiveness analysis and reporting

Market Basket Analysis

Market basket analysis is used to predict likely candidates for cross-sell opportunities given:

  • Purchase history
  • Customer demographics
  • Call behavior
  • Other significant variables


Developing Campaigns

Campaigns are based upon a analytics of a combination of elements as outlined above. For example, IP services have seen a natural progression from voice calling - to adding dial up IP - to broadband ADSL - to high speed data and VoIP.

Once a typical behaviour or evolution cycle is identified, this can be applied to other elements such as customer income. This may impact the speed through which the customer moves through the cycle, and other add-on' features. The customer location is also factored in, to ensure that only those where High Speed Broadband is available, are offered this service upgrade.

Using such a combination of factors, enables marketers to laser target marketing campaigns at customers who are most likely to follow the same path.


Vendor Cross Sell - Up Sell Solutions

SAS Cross-Sell and Up-Sell for Telecommunications

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