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Strategic Performance Management in Telecommunications

Telecommunications providers operate in a market of increasing service demands, growing competition and declining profitability. Translating business strategy into actions that can be quickly measured and monitored throughout the organization is essential. Yet most do not perform this task anywhere near as well as they could. The main reason for this is the inability to access and process the massive amounts of data needed to make fully informed, intelligent decisions.

Added to this impossible task, exeuting the strategy throughout the organisation is hampered by communication barriers between groups, and the often slow delivery of information to those who need it.

The lack of an effective and efficient strategic development and deployment infrastructure makes it impossible for Telcos to execute corporate strategy successfully.


Strategic Performance Management Solutions

Strategic Performance Management systems are designed based on decades of telecommunications experience, providing industry-specific models and key performance indicators (KPIs) Telecommunications Providers. A typical system includes:

  • Strategic Planning - a design tool for telecommunications business users to define corporate direction and document strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.
  • Strategy Communication - a web based communication tool that allows users to interact, share results and capture the enterprise culture. corporate personality. This uses powerful strategy maps, tables, charts, graphs and textual commentary.
  • Knowledgebase - designed to capture, store and exploit corporate knowledge. Tools are provided for IT professionals to set up communication channels, simplify, organize and audit every byte of information that flows through the enterprise, at whatever pace your business requires.
  • Enterprise Business Scorecard - incorporates telecommunications-specific KPIs to provide a more strategic, single view of the enterprise, and act as a driving tool throughout the organisation.

SAS Strategic Performance Management for Telecommunications

SAS Strategic Performance Management for Telecommunications gathers data from every source throughout the enterprise and then transforms it into the information you need to make better strategic decisions and communicate those decisions throughout the organization.

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