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Teradata BI Solutions for CSP's

The Teradata solutions for Communications Service Providers falls within the Teradata 'Communications, Media and Entertainment' category.

Teradata focuses on the efficient capture and integration of transaction sources with traditional business data, and combines this into a single view of the business.

This helps Telcos maximize the value of existing and new revenue streams, including:

  • Mobile media
  • VoIP
  • Smart phone services
  • IPTV


BI Solutions For Telecommunications

Teradata offers the following BI solutions to support the specific needs of Telcos:

  • Customer Management - supporting enduring and profitable relationships with customers through superior customer management.
  • Profitability Analytics - know the true value of customers, products and services.
  • Demand Chain Management - reduce inventory and increase customer service.
  • Supply Chain Management - optimisation for higher yields, improved customer service, reduced cycle times, and lower inventories.
  • Finance and Performance Management - improving the speed and quality of financial reporting, reducing finance infrastructure costs, and managing enterprise performance.


BI Investment Modeling Tools

Using EDW Roadmap Modeling for the Communications Industry and Business Impact Models for the Communications Industry, Teradata consultants help CSP's build value and increase ROI.

EDW Roadmap Modeling for CSP's

The Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap is a visual planning model showing the alignment of enterprise strategic goals and objectives through a chain to the supporting data in the enterprise data warehouse.

Strategic business values are assigned to business improvement opportunities supporting those goals and objectives and provide possible prioritization of company business requirements.

Information-enabled business values are then built based on the completeness of data sourced into this enterprise data warehouse environment. That roadmap will help a company stay on the path supporting its strategic business values based on a foundation of enterprise data.

Business Impact Models for CSP's

Fierce competition, changing regulations, blurring business boundaries, and rapidly advancing technologies are ongoing issues for communication service providers. They demand constant market vigilence and innovative offerings to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Reduce the rate of churn
  • Grow your revenue stream from the existing customer base

A Teradata Customer Management [CM] solution helps ensure CSPs acurrately target customers with the right offers at the right time, and through the right channel.

Using Business Impact Models, Teradata helps CSP's determine the true value and forecast the quantifiable returns expected on the Customer Relationship Management technology investment.

Teradata Media and Entertainment Logical Data Model

This model helps CSP's meet the challenge of converging technologies with an industry-specific guide to leveraging key business information.

By being able to recognize and exploit opportunities to new customers through new channels and devices, creating bundled services and products that meet customer needs, and monetizing customer relationships for revenue assurance and maximum impact on your bottom line. Learn more about the Telco Logical Data Model


Cable and Satellite

Teradata offers specialised, custom solutions for Cable and Satellite providers to help them leverage customer data to engage with subscribers through focused product offers and delivery services in a timely manner.

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