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Operational BI

Much of the focus of business intelligence capability is providing:

  • The Right Information
  • To the Right People
  • At the Right Time

The key is in how each of these three imperatives is defined.

The right information - means ONLY that information that is useful to the receiver, and that can be acted upon

The right person - is the person who has the knowledge to interpret the information and the mandate and processes to act upon it

The right time - is appropriate to the period in which the required action must be taken. If that means sending an email / mobile phone alert then ensure that time is of the essence.

One the greatest value of BI is keeping information away from business users, instead allowing process-embedded analytical tools to extract real time information and initiate rules based actions to appropriate transactions. That’s actionable BI.

Mobile BI

Sending mobile alerts for every action that does not need to be implemented within the next 30 minutes defeats the value of the entire BI system. This requires a carefully thoughtout legacy and escalation matrix. More on Mobile BI

Automated Decision Making

Automated decision making relies on the lack of human intervention. Currently, humans are using intelligent dashboards and BI portals to make informed decisions. However, as much as 95% of decisions can be automated. This negates one of business processes most wasteful activities - ‘awaiting for a decision’. Allowing the BI system to make the bulk of administrative and intelligence based decisions, managers can focus their time on more strategic issues and review and action the 5 percent of decisions that are too complex for machine management. More on Automated Decision Making

Process Efficiency

The impact on process speeds and transaction speeds from integrating BI into business process management frameworks can be signficant. The technology required [SOA, BPM and business rules management] is available today from multiple sources.

The SOA/BPM environment supports the construction of applications from components or services with different properties.

Leveraging business intelligence in a business process for automated decision making depends on the ability to support real-time analytics. Data mining and operational analytics effectively ‘see’ what a smart person would see if they could visualize the data transform it into usable formula, calculations and rules.

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